If your looking for a team that values and listens to your opinion as an educator and friend to your students this is the school for you. We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate and organise ourselves as a group of passionate educators moving together as one.

Recruiting inspiring people

We value each team member that comes to join our team at Mooroolbark. We see each member of our team as important in reaching our visions and goals, each individual matters and impacts the team. We are looking to not only attract but maintain team members that are motivated and professional and look top reach their full potential as an educator.

Each team member will be guided and assisted to develop a personal learning plan that aligns with the School’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  We care deeply about student wellbeing and learning and acknowledge that the most influential factor in student learning outcomes is good teaching. Working in teams, and individually, you will be an important part of Mooroolbark Grammar’s future and, most importantly, the future of the children in your care. We believe the teacher’s impact on the student impacts the student beyond their years in Junior school and is essential in their development as an adult.

Montessori Early Learning Centre

Mooroolbark Grammar (Prep - Year 6)