Why Mooroolbark?

Because we believe in each and every one of our students. We see opportunities and potential where many others do not. 

We encourage you to submit your Application for Enrolment via our online process. This will be followed by a phone consultation with our school registrar. 

“Education and training are the keys to the future. A key can be turned in two directions. Turn it one way and you lock resources away; turn it the other way and you realise resources and give people back to themselves.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Australian Curriculum

Discover why so many families are choosing Mooroolbark Grammar for their child – Book in for a guided school tour where you’ll be able to observe our school in action.

We think beyond the traditional with an inclusive education ethos that ensures every child thrives inside and outside of their schooling years.

With a commitment to changing the way we look at ‘one size fits all’ education and by our smaller class sizes, we are able to provide tailored learning experiences for every child to ensure they have the tools, support and environment they need to succeed.

We believe that quality inclusive education is the key to academic excellence and well-rounded individuals who will be confident life-long learners and leaders in their communities.

Join our growing community and see the difference in your child today.


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Highly respected for her professionalism and insights into the complex and ever-evolving landscape of twenty-first-century teaching and learning; Gabriella Agosta's vision for the school is underpinned by a vital moral purpose and an understanding that deep level thinking, creativity and imagination are amongst the fundamental skills young people will need for the world of tomorrow. Along with the skills and abilities to become lifelong learners with a passion to grow and explore the world around them.

Expecting more, offering more

At Mooroolbark, we use the motto that ‘Reach Your Full Potential’. Learning starts at an early age through flexible and creative programs in our Early Learning Centres and continues until our students graduate. Core literacy and numeracy skills are developed by explicit instruction in the Junior Years, which presents many meaningful learning opportunities that engage the child and their interests.


Montessori Early Learning Centre

Mooroolbark Grammar (Prep - Year 6)