Mooroolbark Grammar is made up of individual educators with a thirst for teaching above standard. We have high expectations of our students and therefore high expectations of ourselves to deliver best practice teaching with enthusiasm and respect for the child as an individual.

Passionate about individualised learning and creating a curriculum that leaves no child behind; Gabriella Agosta’s vision for the school is underpinned by a vital moral purpose and an understanding that deep level thinking, creativity and imagination are amongst the fundamental skills young people will need for the world of tomorrow. Along with the skills and abilities to become lifelong learners with a passion to grow and explore the world around them.

Gabriella has spent the past 15 years working within the education field working with hundreds of families and schools helping to build a bridge between education and the children being left behind. Her expertise lie within building learning around the individual and empowering them with confidence and a sense of well-being that fosters a love of learning.

Gabriella developed a passion for teaching at 5 years of age and spent most of her early teen life nannying, tutoring, and caring for children younger than herself. By the age of 13, Gabriella realised that formal schooling wasn’t working for her as she was maturing and developing much more rapidly than her peers.

Gabriella wanted a more personalised approach to secondary school that would allow her the opportunity to work at her own pace. By the age of 15, Gabriella had completed the high school requirements for home-school, a certificate III in Children’s services and a Diploma in Children’s services and was working full-time managing 3 educators and program planning for 15 children.

At 16 years old Gabriella applied for an exemption with a university in order to start her Bachelor degree in education, of which she was given the opportunity to complete 4 units in order to gain entry. She not only completed them but was awarded top marks and given a letter of offer to the university.

By 18 years old Gabriella was a Director & Educational Leader of an Early Year’s Service where she was responsible for 140 children and over 30 Educators. By 21 Gabriella continued working full-time whilst completing a bachelor’s degree in education & master’s degree in teaching.

Due to Gabriella’s struggles within the very traditional way we approach schooling in Australia, her passion, experience and approach is focused on each and every individual student and their needs to reach their full potential as Gabriella is still reaching towards her own.

CEO / Principal
Bed, DipECSt, Med(Prim)

Montessori Early Learning Centre

Mooroolbark Grammar (Prep - Year 6)