Committed to being its vision and values Mooroolbark Grammar’s shared philosophy rests on the foundation of a strong ethical purpose to the child. In understanding and acknowledging the variances in students, we recognise the value and ethical purpose of ours based on the concept ‘every child can learn, and given a safe environment will flourish’

Mooroolbark Grammar Philosophy (Mission & Value)

At Mooroolbark Grammar, you can expect a focus on the individual child, we uphold a strong belief that to achieve greatness; education must concentrate on the individual.

Every individual has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is our job to identify these to ignite a love for learning within your child. We develop a clear understanding of how your child responds to learning and alter the learning and teaching to suit your child.

When a student comes across barriers in their learning, we adapt the teaching, not focus on faults within the child. Our school provides a curriculum that exceeds the typical curriculum, providing learning opportunities for individuals to master new skills, knowledge, and values.

One of the most crucial aspects of any school is the development of leadership skills within a student. At Mooroolbark, we believe that it is essential for students to build confidence and self-awareness to become true leaders. We provide extra-curricular activities such as debate teams, plays, musicals, speech writing, acting, singing and many more out of school learning experiences.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build a child’s confidence and self-belief; driving forward-thinking students into the future is a big part of what we do. We intend to give your child the education they need to be successful later life.

Choosing the proper education for your child is one of life’s most significant decisions. Thank you for considering Mooroolbark Grammar.
Our vision is for every student to become a young woman and young man who is academically well prepared and will make a difference in whatever they do. As the school motto says, “Reach your Full Potential”, we ensure each child that comes through our school does.

Part of our success is our acknowledgement of your role in your child’s educational journey, we see this role as valued and important and we value your opinion. We interact as one big community supporting every individual student on a journey to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life at school.


Each Student Reaching their Full Potential


Building an Independent School community that provides best practice education, celebrating every individual child’s strength and interest. A school that consistently provides the highest standard of academic education and embraces all areas of the child’s creativity whether that is dance, drama, art, sports, public speaking, coding…

Core Values

Everything that we do is centred around our vision, striving for and achieving more than expected. Our values support and shape this in our daily teaching:


Our goal is for students to question without fear. Understanding that the learning process includes being bold, being brave and being willing to take risks and be wrong to then be right. Our emphasis is on the learning process rather than getting an answer correct.


We support and encourage our students, staff, and the wider community to be determined in setting and achieving goals. We empower our community to discover new ways of thinking and being in our world.


We encourage our students to work towards a rewards-based disciplinary system that focuses the student’s attention on their achievements and ‘personal best’ rather than a punishment-based system, focusing the student's attention on punishment instilling a sense of anxiety.

Honesty & Respect

We value the ability of our students to build respectful, honest, and sustainable relationships with others with our society to build a strong social system, which in turn, supports the community’s wellbeing. In doing so we acknowledge and respect our shared cultures, religions and histories.

Individual Approach

Mooroolbark acknowledges each individual student as their own person, meaning we do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide opportunities, knowledge and resources that assist each individual to grow and reach their full potential. We provide an honest, trustworthy, and supportive enrolment to ensure all our students feel safe and individually cared for.


Mooroolbark is a contemporary, forward-thinking school. This means that we embrace new approaches and best practise to ensure we are providing the highest quality of education possible. We value innovation and work towards being the role models in school education. We encourage our students to assume the attitude of a lifelong learner, always improving, always growing, and always looking to achieve the impossible.

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